flashq.de table of contents

America's Apostasy, an essay on the wisdom of pre-emptive strikes
Andy Goldsworthily Butts, photo parody of the well-known nature photographer
bin ich ein Berliner?, responses to the famous speech by JFK in Berlin
Bubblewrap! (I found this; I didn't program it myself)
Computer Haikus (I didn't write most of these)
Don't obey this sign, confused or confusing road signs
     World's strangest babies, and other confused or confusing signs
     Wrecked Industries, and other confused or confusing signs
     Void if opened, no one is allowed to read this!
     Eat here, get gas, and other confused or confusing signs
     We send your luggage in all directions, and other confused or confusing signs
     Kids Make Nutritious Snacks, and other confused or confusing headlines
DVD List
     Absolute truth currupts absolutely
     Eye test
     Impregnated VW Bully
     Mouse cursors
     that famous painting where the lady tweaks her sister's nipple
     that famous painting where the lady get a plunger up the butt
Hate mail, yup, some folks have no sense of humor
Hilarious Exploding Dolphins
I hate windows page (the), 'it looks like you're trying to commit suicide' wizard
legal disclaimer
Leipzig, photographs ten years apart
links to other web sites, copyright notice
Raisons of Wrath (The), Cryptic Tales from Disturbia
     The Slugs of Capistrano
     Kyra was my first love
     WD-40, cleans, disinfects, de-ices!
     The nearly-fatal lozenge
     The Grunge in the Attic, and other Household Monsters
     Colonel Mustard With The Lead Pipe in the Conservatory, ... & other Unspeakable Terrors
     Duck & Cover, civil defense and the pre-mature burial
     Famly Christmas, don't forget the syringes
     My Dear Maurice, thanks for the syringes
     Dr. Russ, radiologist
     Cookies of mass destruction
     The Great International Christmas Tree Massacre
Star Tech, Star Trek parodies
     Captain Dunsel, (pdf file) Captain Kirk is trapped in a future with no future
     Captain Dunsel, (jpegs) foto captions to the story
     Kirkie and the Beamers, (jpegs) foto captions to miscellaneous scenes from Star Trek
torture, a note on US interrogation practices called 'waterboarding' and 'stress positions'
what's new, latest update
Whitewash Post (The), news printed to fit
     Man Explodes after eating hotdogs
     Man gets Pam Anderson's boobs
     America's experts resign, all of them
     Man arrested for incest, after lying next to his widow's sister
     Beagle space probe discovers life on Mars
     Visit beautiful Guantanamo Bay
Worst Case Scenario, the ones they didn't tell you about
     Blind date with a cheerleader, how to survive a
     Jumping from a burning helicpoter into a dumpster of rattlesnakes when your parachute fails
     Leaping from a spaceship into a car, how to survive