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Hilarious Exploding Breakfast Sausages!
House guests over-stayed their welcome?
Surprise everybody with a 'traditional' English breakfast!
The Brits don't call them bangers for nothing.

no user-servicable parts inside

Hilarious Exploding Corrosive toothpaste!
Medicated. Rots teeth instantly in seconds.
Recommended by dentists.

Hilarious Exploding Hand Grenade!
Absolutely identical to genuine US army ordinance, but imported from Afghanistan for a fraction of the original price. A perennial favorite at European soccer cup matches.
You must be 18 years of age to order this product.


Hilarious Exploding Baby Dolphin!
Do you live in Sausalito? Do your neighbors have a Greenpeace flag on their yacht? Boy, will you have a surprise for them! Yes, it's the irresistably cute Hilarious Exploding Baby Dolphin. Looks and squeeks just like a little Flipper. Completely submersible. Global satellite homing system. Range: up to 500 kms. Top speed: 42 knots. British Navy tested payloads up to 3/4 metric tonne.
Limited-time offer, while stockpiles last.

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