Billboards Seen in Switzerland

Above (March 2021): initiative on the ballot to prohibit full-face coverings in public places. The intitiative passed.

Above (Nov. 2016): Warnings about HIV infection
and how to protect against it (use condoms, of course).

Similar posters in France prompted opposition, citing offence to 'public mores';
no such offence taken in Switzerland.
Within my own lifetime, at least two of the acts depicted above were crimes
and would be again if the Christian rightwing got its way: homosex and miscegenation (yup -- look it up).
"The times, they are a changin,'" sang a recent almost-Nobel-prize recipient.

Above: Stop the (building of) minarets.
Europe is having a hard time accepting Islam.

Above: The bank crisis hits Switzerland.
Original text: Actually, it's your money.
Corrected text: It was your money.

Above: anti-Aids posters.
The text reads (roughly): You wouldn't do this without protection, would you?

Upper poster: Hunger kills, every 30 seconds a child dies, help stop the insanity.
Lower poster: every fifth child is obese.
Grafitti: stay critical.

Poster left: for an exhibition titled Dresscode,
Dress as Utilitarian Symbol,
Historical Museum, St. Gallen.
Poster right: political campaign poster,
"Free passports for all? No!"
Same party which brought out the 'no black sheep' poster.

Poster left: the black sheep poster is back.

Poster left: the no black sheep party is back.

Do Not Obey This Sign

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