Original Star Trek
women's costumes and hair styles

Season One

We start off with a costume stunning in its simplicity and attractiveness:
Sherry Jackson as the android, Andrea, in the episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Costume designers must love girls like this, so small and firm that they don't need a bra.
There is a whole lot of bare skin showing, considering the show was aired in 1966.
Too bad the character appeared in only one episode.


The episode "Mudd's Women" featured three dazzlingly alluring actresses,
in three appropriately dazzling gowns.

Fans of classic horror might remember Susan Denberg from the 1967 film
Frankenstein Created Woman, featuring Peter Cushing.
She also appeared as a Playboy centerfold girl.


Grace Lee Whitney played Janice Rand.
She appeared for only part of season one,
but left a lasting impression,
is fondly remembered by fans of the show,
and re-appeared in the ST movies.
She appeared in Some Like It Hot, and Irma La Duce.
Note the very 1960s ultra-mini skirt,
the half-calf leather boots,
and the elaborate wig.


Below: In case anyone was wondering what the gals wore underneath those untra-short mini-skirts...


The episode "Shore Leave", written by Theodore Sturgeon, was a tour de force of silly costumes.


The episode "Conscience of the King" starred Barbara Anderson as Lenore,
with fabulous blonde hair,
but looking a bit unhinged at the end.
Ms Anderson earned an Emmy Award for her long-standing role in Ironside.


Below: non-standard uniform in the episode "Squire of Gothos".


Below: "A Taste of Armageddon";
American character actress Barabara Babcock played Mea 3.
She appeared again in the ST episode "Plato's Stepchildren."
She played in numerous tv shows, including Dallas,
and was awarded an Emmy for her role in Hill Street Blues.
Not a dumb blonde: she was educated at Wellesley,
and the Universities of Milan and Lausanne.
In ST, alien gals always seem to have one bare shoulder.

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