Original Star Trek
women's costumes and hair styles

Season Two

We start off with a costume designed for the powerful Vulcan, T'Pau,
who officiates at Spock's wedding in the episode "Amok Time."

Next up is Spock's betrothed, T'Pring,
who has an unpleasant surprise in store.
The actress was Arlene Martel.


The episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?" featured the actress Leslie Parish
as Lt. Carolyn Palamas, whom Apollo decks out in a dazzling pink gown.

The episode "Mirror, Mirror," memorable for Spock with facial hair,
featured different uniforms for the Enterprise crew:
crew-women were showing bellies.


Below: the episode "The Apple" featured actress Celeste Yarnell as Yeoman Martha Landon
(she's the long blonde with braids);
and Shari Nims as Sayana,
my personal favorite for most fetching smile in the galaxy.
Oh yes, and cutest girl in a burlap bikini.


The episode "Catspaw" featured actress Antoinette Bower as Sylvia.
She can be any woman you want;
only, you don't want any of them.

The episode "I Mudd" featured twins in the role(s) of Alice.



What "The Gamesters of Triskelion" lacked in substance,
it more than made up for in eye candy:
namely, the character Shahna (Angelique Pettyjohn)
with her silver bikini and torent of silver-gray hair.
How she kept it on during all those athletic fight scenes is a minor mystery.
My vote for the most enthralling costume in the galaxy.


The episode "By Any Other Name" featured Barbara Bouchet,
German-born actress with severe good looks,
perfectly suited to an alien invader, named Kelinda.
Miss Bouchet appeared in over 80 films and tv shows,
and modelled for Playboy and Penthouse magazines.



The episode "Omega Glory" featured Irene Kelly
as Sirah, the consort of Cloud William.
She gets a Famous Spock Neck Pinch.
Her rag-bikini resembled that of Rachel Welch's
from One Million Years BC, which appeared two years before.

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